General English Course

General English Course

Our General English courses offer three levels of intensity, to help you reach your goals at a pace that suits you.

We know that everyone’s approach to learning is different, and over the years we’ve developed teaching modules tailored to suit your individual goals. We want you to reach your full potential by learning through doing, and immersing yourself in the most inspirational settings with like-minded people. 


Our General English courses will develop your practical communication skills in speaking and writing as well as reading and listening and, of course, your fluency and grammatical accuracy. Boost your confidence in your language skills by taking this English course.  

Our qualified teachers will give you the individual attention you need, with regular one-to-one tutorials. You’ll have the chance to practice your spoken English through discussions and debates, role-plays and pair work.

Our placement testing will make sure you’re in the most suitable class for your level. You will also be able to track your progress in weekly assessments and individual tutorials. In addition you can choose one or two of our electives in order to progress more quickly. 

 This is an extremely flexible program to suit almost anybody who wants to learn to speak English well. It accommodates beginners as well as those who have some knowledge of English but want to improve further. The best thing is that you will always learn along with people who are at the different level of English. The class size will be limited to 8-10 students per class so each student gets the attention required to learn quickly. 

The course covers:

  • Speaking skills and strategies (including conversation and basic formal presentation skills)
  • Vocabulary development
  • Listening skills and strategies (including listening for gist and detailed information)
  • Reading skills and strategies (including skimming, scanning and reading to evaluate and discuss)
  • Extensive reading
  • Grammar workshops
  • Pronunciation workshops
  • Tasks and projects
  • Writing skills and strategies (including writing for the workplace)
  • Basic research skills
  • Basic study skills

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This General English language course is most suitable for anyone 16 or above who is interested in improving their general English language skills. Our courses are dynamic and enjoyable, but also present a challenge.