Accent Training

Accent Training

  • Do you work in an industry where communication is vital? 
  • Are you a non-native speaker of English?
  • Do you think your accent is causing difficulties being understood?

As a professional with specialized communication needs, you must demonstrate confidence in your knowledge, products, and research. You use detailed, technical, and specific language. You are experienced, highly trained, and should be listened to for your wealth of expertise.

Accent training will improve your communication skills and your confidence in speaking.

With personalized, one-on-one training and flexible meeting times, we will help you to identify and modify specific issues that can create barriers to understanding. We tailor training to your professional needs by creating industry-specific goals. This includes working on pronunciation of technical terminology, proper names, and even everyday words that you must be able to communicate clearly. 

Dawn English Academy is one of the best and top quality American/ British Accent Training center in New Delhi with unique teaching methods for different kind of learners. We also provides other accent training courses, neutral accent, accent reduction courses and much more. We have activity based training program, spacious class rooms, updated and widely accepted course material for Accent Training Program. Our training institute uses Advanced Technologies and other helpful tools in Accent Training and Learning courses.

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Learn how to ‘do’ different English accents using a structured, practical approach. Whether it’s a very specific regional accent like Cockney, or a broad accent model like General American, we can take you step by step through the unique sounds and patterns.

Aspirants from every domain can join us. A person can be a Fresher, Working Professional,  from IT, Technical, Customer Service, Finance, Healthcare, a Manager, Senior Lead, TL, Operations Manager, an Entrepreneur etc..